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Adapt Roller Bearings

Timken Bearing

Adapt Roller Bearings

The Timken Adapt bearing combines the traditional cylindrical roller bearing and spherical roller bearing configurations. Its proprietary outer race and roller profiles plus a cylindrical inner ring combine the key attributes of both bearing types. This unique three-point contact design geometry provides simultaneous misalignment and axial displacement performance, optimizes contact stress distribution, and helps promote roller stability. The result is a more dynamic, more reliable bearing.

Easier Installation
The Adapt bearing consists of an inner ring, outer ring, and roller/retainer assembly. The separable components simplify installation, removal, and inspection. The retainer holds the rollers in position, creating a single assembly that prevents the rollers from being damaged during mounting and dismounting. The inner ring and outer ring can be installed in either direction, helping to avoid common mounting errors. No special tooling is required.

Adapt for Continuous Caster Applications
The metal industry’s tough environment places extreme demand on equipment. That makes maintaining operations and reducing downtime essential in continuous casters where performance and reliability are critical. Adapt’s innovative design redefines the preferred choice of bearings for the float position in strand roll support segments.

Adapt for Paper Mill Applications
From paper dryers to shaker screens and blowers and fans, Adapt bearings outperform in tough environments. Timken’s Adapt bearings provide a better option for handling misalignment and axial float.

Design Attributes

  • Size range: 100 mm to 170 mm bore (3.94 in. to 6.69 in.)
  • Full-complement design with a roller retainer to help eliminate roller fallout
  • Simultaneous full misalignment and axial displacement capabilities
  • Unique internal geometry optimizes contact stress and roller stability
  • Standard ISO dimensions simplify interchange with toroidal and spherical roller bearings
  • High static radial capacity for maximum reliability
  • Misalignment capability of +/-0.5 degrees (8.7 millirads)

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