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Shaft Guarding Technology

Timken Bearing

Shaft Guarding Technology

This Timken innovation prolongs shaft life while allowing easy installation and removal of a standard setscrew unit. Its technology minimizes shaft damage by protecting shafts from gouging, raised metal and fretting corrosion. These insert bearings are found where production uptime is critical and shaft replacement is expensive.

Design Attributes
  • Design includes two conventional setscrews that do not dig into shafts in order to maintain grip.
  • Setscrews transfer pressure to the shaft through a stainless-steel hardened band, eliminating direct shaft-setscrew contact.
  • A groove runs beneath the setscrews in the inner-ring bore to keep this band stationary.
  • The extended length of the inner ring also provides additional stability to improve shaft support and reduce bearing misalignment.
  • Industrial equipment: fan and blower, food and beverage, conveyor, printing press, packaging and textiles
  • Rubber and plastic
  • Agriculture: combines and implements

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