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Survivor Series

Timken Bearing

Survivor Series

Survivor Series housed units excel in highly corrosive environments.

Survivor PT Series
With a polymer housing that is more durable than nylon or coatings, the Survivor PT Series provides lasting protection with high-load capacity. Integral anti-corrosion properties cannot scrape or flake off during use. The polymer resists a broad range of acids and alkalis, as well as steam and continuous temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius (250 degrees Fahrenheit) (brief exposure up to 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit)).

Survivor NT Series
These units feature an electro less, nickel-plated housing and a corrosion-resistant bearing insert with a choice of locking systems.

PS Series
The PS Series offers polymer housing and a 300-series stainless-steel insert to provide the highest possible corrosion resistance.

Design Attributes

  • Proprietary thin-dense chrome (TDC) coating is applied to all NT/PT bearing inserts for superior corrosion protection.
  • Coating is designed not to crack or peel under known application conditions.
  • All Survivor units are FDA/USDA-compliant for incidental contacts.
  • Bearings are installed in housings that use engineered torque fits.
  • Channels grease to flush through the bearing rather than between the bearing OD and housing.
  • Stainless balls, set screws and collars are included (where applicable).
  • Food and beverage
  • Waste water
  • Car washes
  • Highway salt and sand
  • Chemical and rubber
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Maritime
  • Paper mills
  • Material handling

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