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Generation 3 Hub & Bearing Assembly

Timken Bearing

Generation 3 Hub & Bearing Assembly

The Generation 3 hub and bearing assembly is an integrated bearing assembly that offers design flexibility and bolt-on simplicity and features active sensing technology. Generation 3 improves stiffness and brake performance, reduces weight and envelope size, lowers assembly costs and reduces warranty claims.

Design Attributes:
  • Integrated raceway and hub increases stiffness as much as 30 percent over conventional systems. Also eliminates the discrete race variables between the bearing and hub, providing a closer preload setting range.
  • Narrow overall package width and reduced radial section thickness lowers unsprung weight, improving vehicle maneuverability and fuel efficiency.
  • Features a pre-sealed, pre-greased and pre-set bearing package design with integrated sensing technology for anti-lock braking systems, total traction control and vehicle dynamics systems.
  • Hub-forming technology reduces strain on components and the costs associated with purchased parts and labor. Also allows for commonization between driven and non-driven designs.
  • Fully serviceable wheel speed sensor is internally mounted and protected from road hazards, debris and potential damage.
Light trucks and sport utility vehicles (original equipment and aftermarket)

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