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Race Packaged Wheel

Timken Bearing

Race Packaged Wheel

For stronger performance, we re-engineered Race Pac wheel end assemblies to enhance speed and performance on all types of tracks while increasing your team’s efficiency in the shop.

Design Attributes:

Timken Race Pac Tapered Roller Bearings

  • 30% cooler operating temperatures: Improved internal geometry reduces sliding contact stress and provides consistent rolling torque.
  • Reduce bearing replacement costs: Enhanced durability due to lower operating temperatures.
  • Improved drivetrain efficiency: Reduced bearing power loss results in a cooler running hub.
  • Ready to install: Bearings pre-lubed, pre-set and pre-assembled to Timken specifications.

Timken-Designed Zero-Torque Seal

  • Excellent performance: Seal works off positive air pressure, keeping contaminants out.
  • More horsepower potential due to less seal drag.


  • More speed: 2 pounds lighter (8 pounds total unsprung weight reduction).  Meets minimum weight requirement of 6.25 lbs.
  • Durability maintained with lightweight design.

Grease Containment Dams

  • Maintain proper lubrication: Keeps grease in critical areas; additional grease dam in the rear hub helps reduce operating temperatures.

Engineered Spacers

  • Reduces setup time and increases stiffness: Precise design helps optimize bearing setting.

Rear RacePac Enhanced and Tested for Stronger Performance

  • Benchmarked against the existing RacePac, we enhanced the robustness and conducted successful 12-hour internal rig tests.
  • History shows that successful testing is an indicator of stronger performance regardless of car setup or track.
  • Multiple tests completed designed to optimize grease fill, lubricant retention, bearing setting and enhanced bearing internal geometry.
  • More durable and lighter hub with less unsprung weight on the rear axle.
  • Reduces the amount of cooling needed for rear hubs which can enable additional aerodynamic adjustments.
Save Time and Costs with Our Dedicated RacePac Refurbishment Program
Our dedicated refurbishment program consists of: inspection, magnetic particle inspection, cleaning, replacement of necessary components, re-greasing and repackaging. We return completely refurbished RacePac wheel end assemblies to you – saving you time and costs. Applications:
  • Professional stock car racing

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