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Thrust Screw Down Tapered Roller Bearing

Timken Bearing

Thrust Screw Down Tapered Roller Bearing

Timken offers two types of screw down bearings – types TTHDSV and TTHDSX. Both types consist of a full roller complement design without a conventional bore. Screw down tapered thrust bearings offer the highest capacity of the v-flat bearing types, but at a reduced speed capability.

Size ranges:

35 mm to 2940 mm
(13.75 in. to 115.75 in.)

Design Attributes:
  • While these bearings do not have conventional bores, they are provided with center inserts for attachment and lifting purposes.
  • TTSV and TTSX type bearings achieve true rolling motion between the tapered rollers and both raceways, with no skidding or sliding at any point on the rolling surfaces.
  • The flat raceway permits radial displacement without affecting the operation of the bearing.

We engineered screw down bearings for use in applications that experience a wide range of operating conditions, including:

  • Heavily-loaded extruders
  • Cone crushers

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